In 2003, a group of leading Amorphous Silica production, processing and marketing companies formed the Amorphous Silica Association of Australia Incorporated (ASiAA)

Industry participants established the Amorphous Silica Association of Australia to provide formal representation and a voice for producers, processors, marketers and users on par with that available to other industry segments within the construction industry.

With the common interest of the member companies, the ASiAA’s charter is to increase the community, business and government awareness of the superior construction properties and value added benefits derived from the use of Amorphous Silica products in construction.

Highlighting this aspect of amorphous silica use in construction, around 15,000 to 20,000 tonnes of material is used each year in Australia, predominantly in the high strength concrete market. Product is supplied principally to the major centres of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane on the eastern seaboard of the Australian mainland from the two Australian sources. There is a small level of export, predominantly from Australian producers.

A list of our Association members provides an indication of the comprehensive scope and level of representation our Association provides on matters regarding amorphous silica.