About Us

The Association’s Vision

To be an independent, authoritative and credible central reference point to all stakeholders – Members, Community, Educators and Government on all matters regarding amorphous silica materials.

Our Mission

To promote effective and beneficial use of amorphous silica with all key stakeholders. The ASiAA will collect and disseminate information relevant to all interested parties. We will utilise forums where information interchange between stakeholders will benefit the understanding of this valuable resource.

Our Method

Our Strategic Objectives

  • To represent the membership at all levels (government, business, community) and help facilitate the continued growth in the beneficial use of amorphous silica.
  • To investigate and exploit the technical merits of amorphous silica in fields where its use already has been or may be further developed for the material.
  • To promote and stimulate the use of amorphous silica consistent with the public interest and to perform all desirable and lawful functions necessary for the efficient, constructive and beneficial operation of the Association.
  • To co-operate with other Associations, technical societies, laboratories and governmental bureaus to the end that full recognition be accorded to amorphous silica, in all uses that may be developed for it, as a well-defined, technically desirable mineral.
  • To facilitate co-operative Research and Development activities which have the potential to lead to new applications or extend or support the expansion of current applications for the material.
  • To advocate the use of amorphous silica for appropriate applications in the construction and manufacturing industry, ensuring that it is not inappropriately disadvantaged by specification, statute or regulation.
  • To increase the recognition of the effective utilisation of these products and benefits to the environment.